Why Buy a Harley?

August 29th, 2018 by

Nothing but a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle has the perfect mix of American heritage and style. Their engines rumble with untamed thunder, and yet they ride smoothly while still pumping out barely-controlled power. With great families of bikes in a multiplicity of classes, Harley has something for everyone. Their motorcycles come with a surplus of attitude and devour the road one mile marker at a time. The newest lines of Harley motorcycles are no different and continue this great tradition with redesigns and improvements to meet and raise the high bar Harley-Davidson sets again and again.

Here at War Horse Harley-Davidson, we understand there are a lot of options when it comes to picking out a motorcycle manufacturer. But we believe Harley-Davidson offer the best across their varying families and lines of American-made motorcycles.

Read on for some of the reasons why you should consider Harley-Davidson, and if you have more questions, or you’re already convinced and just want to check out our great selection of new and used Harley motorcycles, head to our Ocala, Florida showroom!

Performance and Power
Harley-Davidson motorcycles often carry heavy displacement engines. This additional weight helps with stability, letting riders handle tough roads better and more smoothly no matter the curves or conditions, allowing you to ride in confidence. The trade-off is that the heavier standard can be more difficult for beginners, but there are certainly lighter models available for new initiates in the Harley family!

You’ll find a beefy engine at the heart of Harley bikes, like the Milwaukee-Eight® V-Twin. This means quick acceleration and torque tuned for each model’s specialty. Get better heat management with less hot air blowing on your legs with liquid-cooled engines, or enjoy the thunderous peel of an air-cooled monster. Ride longer with the high-displacement touring engines and revel in high performance boosts to the quality of your rides.

Customization Options
Harley has a grand tradition of supporting motorcycle customization. Whether it’s the line of CVO™ darlings, the plethora of aftermarket parts and upgrade kids, or the homebrew, garage-built monsters with foot pegs like bolts in the Monster’s neck, a Harley-Davidson custom motorcycle is a true beauty to behold. Harley refuses to blend into the crowd, and they think no differently of their customers. With all the options available, there’s nothing standing between you and your dream Harley.

Any vehicle is going to be a significant investment, and a Harley motorcycle is no different. It’s certainly a wise investment, we think, since Harley makes it easy to maintain and repair their vehicles. You’ll have a vast network of interconnected dealerships and service centers to get your parts and fix your bike no matter where you are. A Harley also has great resale value, with many dealerships offers up specials for future purchases! As long as you take care of your Harley, Harley will take care of you.

Perks of Harley Ownership
Not every benefit of owning a Harley motorcycle is relate to the bike itself. There are Harley dealerships all over the country, so it’s easy to get new gear, parts, or maintenance done whether you’re at home or on the road. If you’re in a pinch and not close to a Harley dealer, like traveling on a remote road trip, you can still take your bike into any shop. The workers should have plenty of experience working with Harleys.

And of course there are other Harley riders who might even have more passion than Harley-Davidson itself! Chat with others for some person-on-the-street advice and tips. There are rallies, conventions, and parties aplenty at which to make memories with fellow enthusiasts. It’s easy to find new buddies to ride with or people to chat up about Harley motorcycles. It’s more than a bike, it’s a lifestyle!

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have everything you could possibly want, from the roar of their ever-more-powerful engines, to the innovative leaps in engineering and design of smooth-riding suspensions. If you go with Harley, you’ll have a bike you can take pride in. If you’re ready to check out some of these great bikes for yourself, head to War Horse Harley-Davidson® in Ocala, Florida. Our staff of knowledgeable and courteous professionals are ready to answer any and all of your questions, so come in today!

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