Touring vs. Cruiser

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Just from looking at them, it’s a little difficult to see the major differences between cruisers and touring motorcycles. Both of these bikes sport iconic Harley-Davidson® engines on heavyweight structures that provide incomparable stability and performance. Few other models tear up the pavement like these two lineups, but when you look a little closer, you’ll notice some distinct differences. If you’re trying to pick between one of these two motorcycle styles, we’ll tell you about a few of the major advantages of each. Then, when you’re ready to make your selection, come on into War Horse, HD®. We’re located in Ocala and serve riders from Gainesville, FL.

Harley-Davidson® Cruisers
Heavy, powerful, and somewhat menacing, Harley-Davidson® Cruisers are recognizable by their massive, air-cooled engines. These bikes focus a little more heavily on the style than the comfort, which makes them ideal for short rides.

If you’re looking for something that expresses your intense determination as a rider, there’s no better choice than the cruiser. They can be customized to suit just about any style, as big ape handlebars, extended front forks, and many other features easily fit onto them. While they’re functionally superior to many other bikes on the market, they prove that a great motorcycle is more than just a dominant machine—it’s also a chance to outshine everything else on the road.

Cruisers are notable for their ability to deliver superior torque and horsepower. Classic Cruisers used to have huge, air-cooled engines with an aggressive roar that announced the motor’s immense power. Today, the sound has toned down a little bit, thanks to advances in technology, but the power’s only gotten better with time.

Easy to Customize
Probably one of the best parts about a Cruiser is how easily you can customize them for your preferences. If you want it to look more like a bobber, that’s not a problem. You can modify it for better performance, style, comfort, or even all three. Other popular custom looks include the chopper and bagger designs, and both look great on a Harley-Davidson® Cruiser.

Harley-Davidson® Touring Motorcycles
While Cruisers are designed to show off on the short ride, Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the landscape on cross country rides. No other motorcycle lineup is better for long-distance adventures, as these models enhance comfort, power, and convenience, while still offering plenty of reliable power.

Storage Capacity
Every trip requires some luggage, and touring motorcycles are equipped to fit this exact need. You’ll find large saddlebags, a top box, and sometimes under-seat storage. You can even customize them to get some extra room in the backrest, and many feature luggage racks for any extra cargo you want to bring along.

Harley-Davidson® knows that you expect to spend hours at a time on your touring motorcycle, so they optimize comfort in every way possible on these bikes. The seats are plush, the handlebars have ergonomic controls, and the windshields keep the wind out of your face to save you some energy. You’ll also find some models with mid-frame air deflectors, which keeps your legs from getting burnt from the exhaust. However long you want to ride, these motorcycles will keep you comfortable for mile after mile.

While they might appear similar, there are significant differences between a Harley-Davidson® Cruiser and a touring motorcycle. Both are incredible bikes, but your choice between them really depends on your personal preferences. If you still can’t decide between the two, come on into War Horse HD® and ask our experts. We serve the areas of Jacksonville, Leesburg, and Orlando, FL.

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