Softail Slim

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Harley-Davidson makes some of the most legendary cruisers on the roads today, and the Softail Slim is one of the most recognizable. This bike brings all the power and performance you’d expect from Harley, but puts it in a package people immediately recognize as classic. It’s special design is also offers more control to a wide range of riders. This bike is all muscle and it’s built from the ground up to last year after year. If you enjoy turning heads and standing out from the pack, the Softail Slim is a perfect bike for you. As you can imagine, we here at War Horse Harley-Davidson, are big fans of Harley and the Softail Slim. We carry a wide variety of Harley-Davidson models, including the Softail Slim, so stop by today to check them out. If you live in Belleview, Summerfield, or Silver Springs, Florida, stop by our dealership today. Call ahead and you can even take one for a test ride from our Gainesville dealership!

Softail Slim Classic Styling
You won’t find an angle that makes the Softail Slim look anything but stunning. From fender to fender, this bike is loaded with style that filters classic style through a look that still feels relevant today. Two big, chrome exhaust pipes lay a powerful line and belt out all the Harley-Davidson roar you can stand. The fenders are chopped and painted in a flat paint that looks like it came from straight from the custom shop. With a narrow rear end, the Softail Slim can also blaze through traffic with great maneuverability. But as a Softail, the looks like an old rigid frame bike with the added benefit of hidden shocks giving a great ride. Wire spoke rims have a nostalgic look, and the big front forks extend like tree trunks up to the custom-style headlight. Up top, you’ll find a cat eye console that puts your speedometer and other gauges in one slick package. This bike is made for those who love that customized look!

Softail Slim Power & Performance
As with all Harley-Davidson bikes, the Softail Slim looks good, but performs even better. Thanks to a High Output Twin Cam 103B engine, this bike tears up pavement like a jackhammer. The high volume air intake gulps up plenty of air and a lightweight piston design turns that air into power more efficiently than ever before. Controlling all that power is a six speed Cruise Drive transmission that provides awesome torque throughout the gear cycle. Whether you want to shoot off the line at a stoplight or fly around a slow-moving truck on the freeway, the 103B V-Twin engine gives you plenty of power.

Softail Slim Comfort & Control
Anyone can strap a seat on a rocket, but that won’t offer a very pleasant ride. What makes Harley-Davidson special is their ability to put incredible power into their bikes but build up the other systems to give outstanding control and comfort. Like the other Softail models, the Softail Slim uses a hidden shock system to give the look of a classic hardtail but modern performance. The designers also perfect the suspension geometry to make this not only a great looking bike, but also a very practical one, too. Working with the suspension is a soft, low-profile seat that stays comfortable for mile after mile. There are also half-moon footboards to give you all the stability you need when plant hard into the corners. The Softail Slim also comes with premium Dunlop tires that give the ultimate in traction and comfort. Every way you slice it, the Softail Slim is an unforgettable bike.

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