Road King Special

August 29th, 2018 by

With the arrival of Harley-Davidson’s new touring lineup comes a bike that’s unprecedented in its unstoppable power and fierce design. The 2017 Road King Special is here, and it borrows the classic Road King’s sleek look, but amplifies this style with innovative design techniques and modern power and performance, just like you see in Harley-Davidson’s other touring models. The Road King Special also features plush, comfortable amenities and is designed with quality parts give riders a smooth, safe experience while enjoying this powerful machine. To actually get a sense of how great this motorcycle is, though you’ll need to come test drive one and see what it really feels like to ride this miracle of modern design. To test drive one now, come into War Horse Harley-Davidson, near Gainesville, in Ocala, FL.

Nostalgic Style
A King has style, and that’s what this bike’s really all about. If you understand that it never gets any better than the classics, then the Harley-Davidson Road King Special is the perfect fit for your taste. It recreates nostalgic features with blacked-out features to generate even more attitude. From front to back, Harley-Davidson utilizes the blacked-out styling absolutely everywhere. From things as important as the glass black turbine wheels, which utilize modern styling to make them appear even bigger and bolder than they already are, to things as simple as the blacked-out tank mounted gauge, this new Harley takes the old style and enhances it in every way imaginable. And it only gets better with the Milwaukee-Eight engine, which doesn’t only provide amazing power, but also adds yet another layer to the fierce design and intimidating style that you get on this bike. Turn some heads and take charge of the road, you’re the king with the stylish new Road King Special.

Advanced Comfort
Harley-Davidson put everything they had into making the 2017 Road King Special more powerful and stylish than ever before, but they didn’t forget to make it comfortable too! With the same improvements made to other models from Harley’s 2017 touring lineup, the Road King Special gives you a ride that’s suited for royalty. It starts with the one piece, two-up seat, which is shaped with a deep contoured bucket, which provides plenty and support for your back, as well as a narrower neck, so your thighs don’t get as fatigued during a long ride. The seat is also lower, effectively getting you closer to the road with a cleaner stance that inspired confidence. There’s also the ergonomically designed handlebars, which reduce fatigue on your wrists and allow you a relaxed position while riding. And finally, the premium suspension with Showa Dual Bending valve technology and tool-free preload on the rear emulsion make even the bumpiest streets seem like smooth trails, as this suspension works like never before with its reliable shocks and confident control.

Modern Power
The reason you want to be a King in the first place is for the power, right? Sure, all that style is showy, and the comfort features make it easy to take a long ride without getting annoyed with recurring aches and pains, but the power is what makes the 2017 Road King Special the right motorcycle for any touring enthusiast. With the all new Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin engine, you’ll get more power than ever before on a road king. The four valves on each cylinder head help you wring out every ounce of power, torque, and performance from this amazing motor, not to mention, the quick throttle response also makes it feel like you’re starting in a full sprint every time. With the power and agility empowering this stylish bike, you’ll take command of the road immediately.

With your yearning for classic taste and thirst for modern power, you know that the 2017 Road King Special is the bike that’ll satisfy your preferences like no other touring motorcycle can. If you’d like to test drive one of these monstrous bikes, come into War Horse Harley-Davidson. We happily serve customers from Belleview, Summerfield, and Silver Springs, Florida.

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