New 2018 Softail Motorcycles

August 29th, 2018 by

New from Harley-Davidson Motor Company is a brand new line up of Softail cruisers fresh for the fall. These bikes are a major step forward in terms of motorcycle technology and they’re in stock now.

Starting from the ground up, Harley-Davidson engineers went big with these new Softail models. They started by totally rethinking the chassis. The Softail was always known for its iconic hidden rear suspension chassis, so designers had a major challenge in figuring out how to squeeze more performance out of the chassis without compromising its classic looks. The result? A chassis that’s 34% stiffer than previous iterations while also being substantially lighter. The performance benefits are something you’ll just have to see for yourself. Located in Ocala, FL we proudly serve Gainesville, Jacksonville, Leesburg, and Orlando, and are offering test rides today.


Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® 114 Motorcycle

Fat Boy® 114
The Fat Boy 114 brings a unique combination of performance capabilities into one bike. It’s a big, powerful cruiser so it’s not hard to imagine that it’s fast on the straightaways. But with the addition of the Softail chassis, the Fat Boy 114 also becomes surprisingly nimble. The hidden rear emulsion monoshock system in combination with the dual bending Showa front forks keep the wheels planted firmly on the ground while keeping the rider comfortable.

Harley-Davidson® Heritage Classic 114 Motorcycle

Heritage Classic 114
The Heritage Classic 114 puts a modern spin on an old school bagger. You still get the windscreen and saddlebags that make light touring easier, but the whole bike also gets blacked out finishes that add a dark appeal. The bike is also substantially lighter, so you’ll get better fuel efficiency and more agile handling.

Harley-Davidson® Deluxe Motorcycle

The Deluxe looks like it was meant to live in the sunlight. With bright chrome, brilliant paint options, and whitewall tires, the Deluxe puts that sunlight to full use. Of course, it’s not just about the looks. You won’t believe the horsepower of the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine powering down the highway.

Harley-Davidson® Softail Slim® Motorcycle

Softail Slim®
The original bobber motorcycles were made by customizers who wanted to push the limits of their bikes’ power-to-weight ratios, and the Softail Slim follows the same principle. Designers stripped off everything unnecessary. With the added weight reduction of the new frame, the bike is 35 lbs lighter, while also being as much as 10% faster from 0-60 mph.

Harley-Davidson® Breakout® 114 Motorcycle

Breakout® 114
Built in the tradition of drag bikes, the Breakout 114 is all about getting down the track as fast as possible. The big bore Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine makes that possible, and this bike features major power improvements over previous versions of the Breakout. Thanks to an extra wide rear tire, it also has enough traction to launch from the line.

Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114 Motorcycle

Fat Bob® 114
The Fat Bob 114 may look like a bruiser, but it handles with a surprisingly delicate touch. If you’re used to cruisers that lumber around corners, you’ll be surprised to feel how the lower center of gravity and tuned suspension of the Fat Bob make this one cruiser that’s ready to hit the curves.

Harley-Davidson® Street Bob® Motorcycle

Street Bob®
The Street Bob is all hot rod with an awesome engine and the style to match. This bike offers attractive retro styling including rubber front fork boots and wire spoke rims. With mid-mount controls and a higher turn angle, the bike can also steer the bike with ease.

Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® Motorcycle

Low Rider®
The Low Rider earned many devout loyalists in its previous form built on the Dyna chassis. But with the advances of the new Softail frame, no one should fear this bike not living up to expectations. With the stiffer, lighter frame of the Softail, this new generation of Low Rider handles like nothing before it.

Don’t just take our word for how much better these bikes are. Give them a ride today!

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