Harley-Davidson® Riding Pants

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Every motorcycle rider needs riding pants to protect them on the road. And who better to get riding pants from than the iconic motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson? They’ve been manufacturing motorcycle gear for years and offer the best of the best. We rounded up our favorite riding pants below. For all your motorcycle needs, visit War Horse Harley-Davidson in Ocala, Florida, today!

Pants Sizing
Harley-Davidson knows that there is no one type of rider – there are so many different types of people who love motorcycles and they all come with different body types. That’s why the company creates a range of sizing options. You can choose between men’s and women’s pants, regular/tall/short lengths in pants, and sizes small to 5XL. All these options make it easy to find the ideal fit!

Chaps are an iconic aspect of the motorcycle lifestyle. They give off a motorcycle enthusiast vibe that many riders are drawn to. They allow riders to wear the pants they want underneath. Simply throw on some chaps to get the protection you need from the elements and the unforgiving pavement should you crash. Another appealing aspect is that chaps allow for greater movement than other types of riding pants.

Men’s Chaps
The Deluxe Leather Chap is built from midweight cowhide leather with poly lining to the knee. The fabric is sturdy but not stiff so you can enjoy a wide range of motion on and off the motorcycle. You’ll also get have of pockets to keep track of all your odds and ends on the road.

The Distressed Leather Chap offers a vintage style that’ll look great with any motorcycle. It offers an iconic fade that makes it look like you’ve been a veteran on the road for years, even if you are new to the riding lifestyle. It comes with a power-stretch inner thigh and lacing on the back waist to help you get a perfect fit.

The Stock II Leather Chap is a classic design for those with simpler tastes. It’s easy to get a perfect fit with the adjustable lacing and buckle closure. Enjoy embossed graphics to show off your love of Harley-Davidson!

Women’s Chaps
The Deluxe II Leather Chaps are made to fit anyone. They stretch over the knee and thigh, offer power-stretch, lacing, double zippers with four snaps, and other features to help you get a tailored fit. They come with an engraved buckle and metal badge that will pair well with any motorcycle jacket.

The Boone Fringed Leather Chaps are for those who want to boost their style game on the road. Get all the fringe you want to stand out on the road. But this fashionable item doesn’t come at the cost of comfort – you’ll still get all the adjustable features you want with lacing, buckles, and so on.

Riding Pants
Chaps aren’t for everyone. Some riders prefer having a set of pants solely dedicated to riding, rather than needing to wear something over their pants. When you pick riding pants from Harley-Davidson, you know that you are getting the sturdiness and style you need for the road!

Men’s Riding Pants
The Harley-Davidson® Waterproof Textile Riding Pant is made to handle a variety of situations. It offers heat-resistant shields on the lower inner legs. The 1000-denier reinforced knee and rear are ready to handle any impact. The waterproof 600-denier polyester shell can handle the rain and keeps you from getting wet. These riding pants offer all the adjustments and stretch you need while being hardy enough to protect you from the elements.

The Genuine Performance Riding Jean allows you to wear a more casual style – a simple blue jeans. After all, not everyone wants to wear stand-out gear as they run errands or commute to work. But these jeans are not any old blue pants. They offer the top-of-the-line ROOMOTO lining to give extra protection (compared to normal jeans) alongside moisture-wicking technology. These offer cutting-edge rider comfort.

Women’s Riding Pants
The Stretch Leather Skinny Pants look like striking skinny jeans, but with all of the function of riding pants. The best part is that they are machine washable! Riders can add flair to their outfit while still enjoying all the protection and comfort needed from riding pants.

The FXRG Armalith Denim Jeans may be the highest quality pair of jeans you’ll own. They look like typical jeans, but offer everything from double stitching for reinforcement to a higher back rise for improved comfort. They are built to last and handle various obstacles on the road – in style, of course!

Ready to check out your options when it comes to MotorClothes® or Harley-Davidson® motorcycles? Visit War Horse Harley-Davidson in Ocala today to investigate what we’ve got available. Our dealership proudly serves the cities of Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida.

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