Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Suspension

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You may not think much about your motorcycle’s suspension system, but it plays a large role in the quality of your ride. Without a decent suspension system, riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles would be a struggle! You would feel every dip and bump in the road. Fortunately, the Harley suspension system is a fine-tuned machine. If you’ve ever wanted how it works, read on! If you have any questions, visit War Horse Harley-Davidson. We proudly serve those in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida.

Parts of Harley-Davidson® Suspension
Harley-Davidson uses a top-of-the-line suspension system. They are too complex to fully cover in one article, but the core aspects are straightforward. Most Harley-Davidson motorcycles use a system for each wheel.

On the front wheel, you’ll see a telescoping fork design. Shocks get absorbed inside a metal coil within a tube (which is called the damper). Inside the damper is a small orifice housing a plug. Low-viscosity oil goes inside the damper and, at the same time, the plug decreases vibrations. Bumpers contribute by preventing your suspension from bottoming out. These parts all do their part to keep your ride smooth.

On the back wheel, you’ll find a coil over system. It strives to keep you from feeling any bumps in the road by absorbing any shocks. Some riders will hook up their motorcycles to a reservoir to help make the suspension operate even better.

Suspension and Motorcycle Performance
The suspension on motorcycles can be described as too loose, too tight, or just right. The best performance will happen when it’s adjusted just right. When it’s too loose, you’ll experience excessive up-and-down motions. When it’s too tight, you’ll experience a jerky ride. These are more than irritations. These can affect your health, from creating sore muscles to cricks in your neck.

A properly adjusted suspension can accomplish two things. First, it keeps your ride smooth despite riding on bumpy road surfaces. It actively works to minimize the number of jerks you feel as you cruise about town. Second, it keeps your tires on the ground as much as possible. The more your front tires stay on the surface, the easier it is to steer your motorcycle. The more your back tires stay on the ground, the more traction you’ll experience.

Most people ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles without any alterations. But some riders enjoy taking their bike to a motorcycle dealer for a quick tune-up. Riders who are larger and taller benefit from higher suspension. Riders who are smaller and shorter benefit from looser suspension. If you need a motorcycle dealer to adjust your ride, visit War Horse Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson® Innovations
Harley-Davidson motorcycles run off of cutting-edge suspension systems. They utilize features such as rear emulsion shocks and inverted designs. Each advancement makes these machines run smoother so you can tackle uneven roads without sacrificing your ride comfort.

Take the Softail. Its suspension system needs to compensate for its stiff, tough frame. It uses improved damping and better preload range to result in a comfortable ride. Throw in hidden shock absorbers and you’ll be amazed at how smooth a ride can be!

Ready to see for yourself what a quality suspension can do? Visit War Horse Harley-Davidson. We are a motorcycle dealership that offers a range of new and used Harley-Davidson motorcycles for sale. Hop aboard your favorites and take a test drive. It’s the best way to get the full Harley-Davidson suspension experience! We also offer a parts replacement and service department. If your suspension experiences issues, our expert staff can get your motorcycle running like new. Whatever you need, you can find it with us! We proudly serve those in Ocala, Gainesville, Orlando, and Leesburg, Florida.

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