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A Harley-Davidson motorcycle straight off the showroom floor is pretty impressive. But it can be boosted to offer much more, from better fuel economy to a more comfortable ride. All you need is to install the correct upgrades. Harley-Davidson makes their motorcycles easy to upgrade so that their fans can tweak their rides to their liking. We rounded up everything you need to know about motorcycle parts and service below. If you have any questions, you can ask the friendly staff at War Horse Harley-Davidson. If you are ready to make the upgrades, our staff can handle that for you. We proudly serve those in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida.

Stress-Free Motorcycle Upgrades
Once you decide to upgrade your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the next question becomes “how?” Sure, you can attempt to make the boosts yourself. But you risk improper installation, which can cause a whole host of issues. You could end up buying incompatible parts, which may not work right or may cause damage to your bike. Even if you get the right parts, you could still face motorcycle damage from improper installation.

When you go to a motorcycle parts and service department, you get peace of mind. These experts have been installing upgrades over and over again. They can help with every step of the installation process. They can sort through the world of specs and compatibility for you, which helps ensure the parts you want to install will work with your bike. They have all the equipment and knowledge to install them without issue. You can simply drop off your Harley-Davidson motorcycle and return to get a new and improved bike!

Another great use of the motorcycle parts and service department is to repair any issues on your motorcycle. If your bike isn’t running like it used to, bring it on in! Our experts can handle a number of repairs, tweaks, and boosts to your motorcycle’s performance.

Screamin’ Eagle® Upgrade Kits
This is a line of upgrade kits created by Harley-Davidson. Each one offers something different to improve the way you ride. The Reaper Touring Package boosts style and performance. The brake, turning signal, and running saddlebag LEDs will light up your motorcycle and your ride. Enjoy improved fuel efficiency and boosted power with the Street Cannon Performance Exhaust.

If you want boosted power, choose the Vengeance Essentials Touring Package. It’ll give you the option to adjust for better height and reach, which improves your riding stance. The mid-frame air deflectors counteract the hot engine heat from hitting your legs. Blast your favorite tunes on the BOOM!™ Audio system.

If you want to boost your power performance, go with the Vengeance Performance Kit. The Pro Street Tuner takes in data about your engine’s operation so you can calibrate for optimal performance (while also improving fuel economy). It changes out the cams, intake, and exhaust to give a much better ride. The Milwaukee-Eight® Stage II upgrade boosts low-end torque to give you better low and mid RPM handling. These are just a few of the tweaks to how your Harley-Davidson will perform on the open road.

Ready to unleash your motorcycle’s full potential? Come to our motorcycle parts and service department. Our expert staff can find you the perfect upgrade for what you are looking for. Whether you want to boost your motorcycle’s performance, comfort, or style, we can help! We also offer a range of new and used motorcycles for sale if you are looking to buy. Come to visit War Horse Harley-Davidson today!. We proudly serve those in Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Orlando, Florida.

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