Easy Maintenance for Touring Motorcycles

August 29th, 2018 by

Touring motorcycles are built to handle long hours eating the pavement. They are made with endurance in mind. But even the best of machines succumb to normal wear and tear. It’s unavoidable that your touring motorcycle will eventually need some maintenance. The good news is there are plenty of tasks you can handle yourself! Skip the time consuming and costly visit to the mechanic when you can. All you need to do is follow our easy maintenance for touring motorcycles guide below. When you encounter something beyond your ability, bring your bike to War Horse Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida.

Brakes are a crucial component of touring motorcycles. They prevent cruising out of control down a hill. They are your line of defense against fender benders or hitting wild animals that leap into the road. They help keep safe, but you must keep them well-maintained.

There are two important aspects to check. First, do you have enough brake fluid? Check before you hit the road and top them off if needed. Second, are your brake pads in good condition? They get worn down as you ride. After enough time they will need to be replaced. When you experience squeaking or grinding, take your motorcycle into a mechanic.

The tires on touring motorcycles experience above average wear and tear. After all, touring motorcycles are meant to hit the road often and hit the road for hours on end. This means above average use. You’ll need to proactively check your tires more often to compensate.

First, check your tire pressure. It’s important your tires are inflated to the owner’s manual recommendations. Too much air pressure and they’ll lack important contact with the road. Too little air pressure and they’ll struggle to handle the forces pressing on them. All you need is a tire pressure gauge to give a quick check. Try measuring in the morning when tires are cold – you’ll get the best reading that way.

Second, check your tire tread. Tread helps touring motorcycles maintain traction with the road, but it gets worn down with each trip. Eventually, they get so low they lose their efficacy. Your owner’s manual will let you know when you need to replace your tread. Keep in mind that issues, like improper tire alignment, can cause the tread to vanish faster than normal. If you notice your tread wearing down at an oddly fast rate, it may be worth a trip to the mechanic.

Touring motorcycles need a clear fuel filter for smooth endurance riding. Otherwise, a clogged filter will drain away your valuable power. Signs of a clogged filter include odd sounds or an engine struggling to start.

Make sure you use the right fuel. If you only take your motorcycle out for the occasional road trip, stick with higher octane fuels. Fuels that are ethanol-heavy can become a corrosive substance when left sitting for too long.

Chains, Shafts, and Belts
Touring motorcycles use chains, shafts, and belts to push power throughout the vehicle. All these moving parts need to be well lubricated and well-maintained. Check your belt adjustment as well. Too loose and it can pop off. Too tight and it could damage the material. If anything isn’t running right, bring it to a mechanic.

When you find issues beyond your skillset, bring your touring motorcycle to War Horse Harley-Davidson®. Our parts replacement and service department can get your motorcycle running like new. We also offer a range of new and used touring motorcycles for sale if you are looking to buy. We proudly serve those in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida.

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