Customize your Motorcycle with the BOOM! Audio System

August 29th, 2018 by

Hitting the road on your motorcycle, whether it’s to ride ten minutes or ten hours, is the kind of activity that gives you an adrenaline rush just thinking about it. With the roar of the engine and the wind rushing past, there’s nothing quite like it. But sometimes you’ll want more than just the experience to pass the time. You may want to listen to some music or you may need your GPS to read out directions. In this case, all the sounds around you can make it difficult to hear anything else.

So upgrade your motorcycle with the BOOM! Audio system, the Harley-Davidson® standard that gives you the best audio quality you’ll find on the market.

Read through our favorite reasons to own this sound system, and if you decide you want in on the action, stop by War Horse Harley-Davidson® to get yours installed today. We welcome all riders from the regions of Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Leesburg, and Orlando, Florida.

Cutting Through the Noise
The BOOM! Audio system is built to give you the perfect balance of sound clarity and definition. It will cut through the white noise from the road and still deliver the best quality sound. Harley-Davidson® has worked tirelessly to match each system to your bike’s mechanical and electrical setup. Each part is tested individually to ensure superior performance while the plug-and-play design means you’ll be able to install it without splicing wires. On top of that, the electrical connectors, bike compatible parts, and easy installation means you won’t get any Diagnostic Trouble Codes when you bring your bike in for a tune-up. You’ll have a superior sound system that you can install and then forget about.

BOOM! Audio Equalization Radio Program
If you’re a varied traveler, odds are you’ll go through many terrains with different types of ambient noise all around you. You’ll need an audio system that can cut through anything, no matter where you are or how fast you’re going. The BOOM! Audio’s equalizer parameters are singularly designed just for this purpose. Whether you have a two-speaker system that needs a little boost in the bass, or a four-speaker system that needs a more balanced sound from front to back, the BOOM! Audio system will make sure you get the best audio output. Plus, the amplifiers take the original, unamplified signal (radio, CD, USB source) and return the cleanest and sharpest sound. Whatever system you want or need, the BOOM! Audio system and EQ will give you only the best.

BOOM! Audio Stage I and Stage II
The BOOM! Audio System is split into two setups, or stages. The first stage, BOOM! Audio Stage I, is the simpler of the two setups. But simple doesn’t mean worse. You’ll still have single amplified, two-way, 75-watt per channel speakers, equipped with woofer and tweeter to bring out high and low frequencies. This stage is powered by a 75-watt amplifier channel to give you the best quality while removing annoying interference sounds.

If you’re the kind of person who needs to hear every chord in every song, then you’ll be more excited about the BOOM! Audio Stage II. The second stage features bi-amplified, three-way, 150-watt per channel speakers. These speakers come with a woofer, a mid-range, and a tweeter for superior quality no matter what frequency is playing. Stage II gets two 75-watt amplifier channels for each speaker, plus another amplifier channel for the woofer and midrange/tweeter combo. In other words, Stage II will make you wonder whether you’re on your bike or at the concert.

No matter what system setup you get, the BOOM! Audio system gives you all the sound quality you want and need from your speaker system. Give it a try and we think you’ll agree when we say it makes all the difference. If you’re looking to get one installed on your bike, or if you’re looking for a new bike, stop by War Horse Harley-Davidson® and let our experienced professionals help you with all your motorcycle needs. We proudly serve the areas of Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Leesburg, and Orlando, Florida.

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