Cruiser Motorcycle Features

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There’s a reason why Harley-Davidson® has managed to maintain its longstanding reputation as the go-to brand for all things motorcycle. H-D offers a limitless inventory of different motorcycle models that offer an element of individuality you just can’t find in other bikes. A personal favorite of many long-time riders tends to be the cruiser.

We’ve put together what we think are the most remarkable features of cruiser motorcycles. From style to performance, there’s quite a bit of useful information that we think will come in handy for when you’re bike shopping. At War Horse Harley-Davidson®, we’ve got a wide variety of cruisers for you to choose from so make sure you come to our dealership in Ocala, Florida to see for yourself!

Trendy Style
One of the main reasons a rider might lean toward a cruiser is because of the stylish appeal. Cruisers have been around since the mid-20th century and their popularity has only continued to explode since then. What’s most recognizable about these bad boys? You can’t miss the laidback riding position, which places the feet forward with the hands upward on the high-mounted handlebars. Riders either lean back or sit fully upright on cruisers, unlike the pitched forward position you’ll find on standard motorcycles. Cruisers are also famous for being highly customizable so there will be no limit to the number of chrome finishes and color schemes you can choose from.

Quality Performance
When it comes to cruisers, you’ll be guaranteed to have unbeatable performance with large displacement V-twin engines tuned for lower torque. These engines make for an easy ride so whether you’re planning on a leisurely cruise around town or some mid-range freeway riding, you’ll be in good hands. The great thing about Harley cruisers is that you don’t have to sacrifice any of the power or speed for the original look!

Different Cruiser Types
It’s important to remember that there are several different types of cruisers out there. You’ll want to brush up on the types so you know what you’re looking for. One of the original cruisers is the chopper, which is a “chopped” down version of production cruisers. In many cases, these bikes are projects taken on by veterans or mechanics who want to take on the ultimate customization project. The goal with these is often to show off the finished product. You won’t miss a chopper if you see one! They’re fully decked out with smaller fuel tanks, high handlebars, raked-out forks, chrome finishes, and shiny paint jobs. These aren’t the most efficient cruisers, but they definitely make up for it with their sense of history and unique style.

Another popular bike in the family is the power cruiser. These babies have totally updated features like better brakes, higher ground clearance, and improved suspension. The higher ground clearance allows cruisers to have an improved performance with turning and maneuverability because they can lean much further to the side than other bikes. Power cruisers also tend to have more modern stylings like digital displays and enhanced LED headlights. The riding positions with power cruisers are often more neutral, but these bikes are still highly customizable and can be made to fit a variety of riders and styles.

Regardless of what type of cruiser you’re interested in, we’ve got the knowledge to help you make that final decision. We know how tough it can be to zero in on one specific motorcycle. You want to make sure all your needs are met when choosing ‘the one’. Motorcycles are quite the investment but we promise that once you make your decision, that’s when the fun begins. If you want more information, or you’re ready to start shopping for your new cruiser, come on down to War Horse Harley-Davidson® in Ocala, Florida today and we’ll help you get started!

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