All-New Harley-Davidson Street Rod

August 29th, 2018 by

The menacing appeal of a Harley-Davidson has been pushed to the max with the all-new 2017 Street Rod™. This beast of a machine achieves a new level of power, agility, and downright aggressive styling with its Dark Custom™ looks, suspension, and redesigned engine. Imagine a muscle bike that can take corners with ease and then fly past the rest of the pack. No matter where life takes you, if it’s on the back of a Street Rod, you’ll have a thrill getting there.

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Top-Tier Performance
Harley-Davidson engineers went back to the drawing board for the engine and suspension on this bike, and came up with some amazing improvements. The beating heart of the Street Rod is the 750 cc High Output Revolution X™ engine. Through implementing a 12:1 compression ratio, the engineers were able to get to a 9,000 rpm redline. It’s no wonder then that the Street Rod takes off like a Titan Rocket and leaves any followers in the dust. The high compression ratio also means it’s fuel efficient, too.

While that power makes a straightaways on the Street Rod a majorly fun time, it’s the suspension and handling that open up the options for different types of riding. The unique 43mm inverted front fork is paired with a piggyback reservoir rear suspension. This, combined with the higher riding posture allow the bike to achieve a 40 degree lean into corners. This combination of power and agility is something that only comes from using the best parts and design.

Aggressive Looks with High-End Accessories
If the 2017 Street Rod has the heart of a wild animal, it’s no less savage in the looks department. Harley designers went with the Dark Custom™ look, which blacks out many features that were once chrome. The matte finish absorbs light, instead of reflecting it, which gives the bike a menacing look. All over the bike, accessories draw in the eye. Drag style handlebars feature bar-end mirrors and Diamond Black grips, while in front, the Daymaker Projector LED headlight cuts through the darkness and keeps the road day-light bright. The Screamin’ Eagle® Buckshot Exhaust supplies huge amounts of classic Harley-Davidson growl. Meanwhile, much less noticeable details include glossy black fuel tank trim and a Dark Custom™ medallion. Since the bike is customizable, you can choose the elements that match your style to make the ultimate personal statement with your bike.

Riding a Harley
Riding a Harley isn’t like riding any other motorcycle. Harleys give more thrills and draw more eyes than other bikes because everyone recognizes the iconic style and sound. Harley-Davidson has earned this recognition by being one of the oldest continuously operating motorcycle brands in the country. Founded in 1903, the company has continued to reinvent what an American motorcycle is all about through their tireless pursuit for better engines and stunning design. It’s an experience you can only have by riding one yourself.

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