2020 Holiday Gift Guide

December 12th, 2019 by

We’re sure you’re preparing yourself for extended family, searching for where the hell Grandma’s Famous Sweet-Potato Casserole recipe is, and arguing about squeezing shopping somewhere into your schedule. To help you keep your sanity, we crafted this special Holiday Gift Guide so you can pick out the perfect gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life in no time. Plus, our friends from the HOG Chapter are standing by to wrap up your gifts. With the time you save you can relax and enjoy that spiked eggnog.

A: Harley-Davidson Travel Mug: $20.95 | B: Harley-Davidson Signs (All 3 Included): $25.00 | C: Harley Davidson Round Tin Sign: $19.95 | D: Harley-Davidson String Lights: $26.00 | E: Harley-Davidson Snow Globe Ornament: $19.95 | F: Harley-Davidson Racing Journal: $9.00 | G: Harley-Davidson Cap: $24.00 | H: Harley-Davidson Mini-Me Backpack: $18.00 | I: Harley-Davidson Mug: $12.00 | J: Harley-Davidon Emblem: $20.95 | K: Harley-Davidson Skull Tumbler Set: $24.00 | L: Harley-Davidson Wrench Bottle Opener: $12.00

A: Harley-Davidson Dart Board: $51.00 | B: Harley-Davidson Snowman Cookie Jar: $49.95 | C: Harley-Davidson Wooden Storage Box: $59.00 | D: Harley-Davidson Decanter Set: $78.00 | E: Harley-Davidson Lunch Tote: $39.95 | F: Harley-Davidson Case Pocket Knife: $69.95 | G: Harley-Davidson Dominoes Set: $44.00

A: Harley-Davidson Purse: $109.95 | B: Harley-Davidson LEGO Fat Boy: $99.99 | C: Harley-Davidson Round Sign: $90.95 | D: Harley-Davidson Cigar Humidor: $189.00 | E: Radiant Heated Gloves: $209.95 | F: Full Face Harley-Davidson Helmet: $135.00

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